My latest piece just finished for auction for the make a wish foundation

September 8, 2010

early-cloud-formingThis piece is called ‘Early Cloud Forming (with ghosts)’.

Sitting staring at the horizon from the end of Dun Laoghaire pier, the night was ending and the day beginning. The early morning clouds danced around the sky, revealing the ever-changing colours behind them, whilst the sea bounced back the light and movement it did not care to absorb.

Sean Scully, the Irish artist, recounts a story of Eva, a terminally ill girl who was fascinated by his photograph called ‘Land, Sea, Sky’. When she died, this photograph was at the end of her bed. Sean believed Eva had been entranced by the photograph’s horizon – a non existent place we all stare at and dream.

It felt appropriate to me to create a bespoke piece for ‘Make a wish’ with a horizon at it’s heart. Here’s to always hoping, dreaming and wishing. Here’s to Eva.

“Absorprion” work in progress

August 26, 2010

Working on a series of smaller works in the Absorption series with the aim of maybe a new show in the next 6 months.

Have been asked to attend and show a piece at a Co-operation Ireland event in London in November. The piece will be auctioned on the night and hopefully it will raise some good money for the cause.

Currently working on a piece for the ‘Make A Wish’ foundation event in The Aviva in September.